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Piano Moving

At Big Apple, we realize that your piano can be one of your most treasured possessions – if a piano is damaged during transport, more often than not, repairing or replacing it can be extremely expensive, if the damage is truly serious. Therefore, when it comes to your piano, nothing is more important than hiring experienced, proficient movers, with the knowledge and skill to move it safely.

Pianos can often be the hardest part of any move due to its weight, size, and odd shape. Moving can be a stressful time, and even more so of you also need to work out how to get your piano through the door, or down a flight of stairs. Trying to move your piano by yourself is extremely risky – you may damage your piano, or even the building itself, not to mention the risk of personal injury.

Despite its heft, your piano is very fragile, and requires ample protection during the move, to avoid knocks and scrapes. The sound can be affected by even the slightest damages, such as wood warping due to rapid temperature shifts, so it is best to make sure it is not placed by a heating source, doors, or windows. Measuring your piano prior to moving it is also recommended, to ensure that it will fit into its intended location.

Even professional movers sometimes shy away from moving pianos due to the risk and difficulty involved, and so it is best to book a team that specializes in piano moves. If that is the level of security and professionalism you seek, look no further. We will provide you with a two-man team, experienced with this type of move and equipped with an enclosed moving truck that has been especially fitted with a lift gate and soft suspension. Our movers will expertly plan the best way to bring your piano to its new home, safe and sound. The piano's internal parts will be thoroughly secured to prevent any possible damage, and it will be carefully wrapped in protective pads and moving blankets. Specialized equipment will be utilized to ensure it remains safe throughout the moving process. We invite you to examine our licensing and insurance details prior to your piano move, and talk to your insurance agent if you would like to arrange additional insurance coverage.

Call us now, and we would be happy to put you at ease and demonstrate the required expertise and have the necessary equipment. Don't take unnecessary risks – paying a little extra for the security and trustworthiness of expert piano movers is usually found to be worth it, and you might find yourself paying much less than you expected – and certainly less than the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged piano.

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Piano Moving Cost By Type

We have provided the following breakdown to help you estimate the relocation cost of your piano by type. Although the following process are merely estimates, and a more accurate quote would require considering some additional details regarding your particular situation (some of which are mentioned above), this breakdown can provide you with a general idea of the costs you can expect for local piano moves.

Studio Upright

Particularly popular among apartment dwellers due to its compact size, this instrument can still weigh as much as 400 pounds. Transporting a Studio Upright within an apartment complex can still be done via elevators and stairs. The transport will requires a minimum of two movers, and the cost of moving may range from $195 to $315.

Standard Upright

This type can be best described as the “older brother” to the Studio Upright. Some models are almost 4 feet tall, and their weight can range between 600 and 800 pounds. A team of several people is required to safely move a Standard Upright, and large models may require the removal of your door in order to maneuver it outside of the apartment. Local moving costs may range from $195 to $320.

Player Upright

This rare, vintage type has long gone out of style, though some people still own them. If you are one of them, note that moving it can be a daunting procedure. Their weight can sometimes exceed that of a Standard Upright by almost 100 pounds. The cost of moving a Player can range between $195 and $315.

Baby Grand

Due to their unusual shape and considerable size, Baby Grand pianos can be difficult to move, requiring tall and wide openings to safely pass through. In many cases, this may require hiring a contractor in order to remove walls or doors. The estimated cost of moving a Baby Grand ranges from $250 to $400.

Studio Grand

The Studio Grand is found mostly in professional studios, and exceed their smaller counterpart in both weight and size. Most Studio Grands remain in their studio setting for the long term, as moving them can be extremely difficult. If, however, moving this model is absolutely unavoidable, a local move can cost anything from $255 to $415.

Parlor Grand

Measuring between 5½ to 7 feet long, and weighing in at up to a hefty 900 pounds, Moving Parlor Grands is a particularly challenging task. This challenge is reflected in the cost of moving them, ranging from $415 to approximately $650 for local moves.

While hiring professional piano movers may be expensive, and it may be tempting to try and avoid these costs, consider that the risk of damage to your piano rises exponentially when hiring conventional movers, or trying to tackle the job yourself – more often than not, the risk is more trouble than it's worth, and may end up costing you more in the long run. Don't take unnecessary risks – hire a professional, affordable piano moving company, and benefit from the security that comes with experience. You will most likely find a deal that’s well within your financial means.

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