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Tips for renting a home in Brooklyn

First of all, congrats on your choice. Brooklyn is a great selection when moving to NYC. Either you are moving to New York for the first time (read our tips for NYC newcomers), or you are just switching boroughs, renting a home in Brooklyn needs to be done systematically. You need to be careful about

moving from Bolivia to USA

Moving from Bolivia to USA

If you are moving from Bolivia to USA you probably have a lot of questions about the entire process. This is an international move and it is important to find good international movers. Let us tell you the truth. You are going to find the best movers in New York. Let your Big Apple Movers

using a laptop computer when making a finance plan when hiring affordable movers in Staten Island

Tips for hiring affordable movers in Staten Island

If you are planning a move to Staten Island you should know that it doesn’t come cheap. You should investigate and find the best moving and storage NYC companies out there. A good and reliable moving company will make the moving process much easier for you. After you compare the companies you can start thinking about

moving to Germany

Tips and hints for moving to Germany

If you are thinking about moving to Germany, it will require a lot of organizing skills.The first thing you need to do is hire one of the great international moving companies in NYC has. Hiring good and reliable movers is one of the most important parts of every moving process. Germany is a European country with

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Moving from Arizona to New York

Even though you are thinking about moving within the same country, moving from Arizona to New York is a huge step. These two places are quite far away, and since this is an interstate move, it probably requires long distance movers NYC to help you out. But, don’t you worry. We have a guide ready

A person walking on Brooklyn bridge ,New York after moving from Queens to Brooklyn

Moving from Queens to Brooklyn step-by-step

If you think about it, geographically you are not moving that far away. But still, Brooklyn and Queens are two completely different places. We have Queens – borough with more backyards, less crowded and way more diverse. On the other hand, Brooklyn will give you a more urban feel and provide much better public transport.

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Moving from Brooklyn – hire decent movers

If you have decided to move from Brooklyn the first step is choosing among moving services Brooklyn has to offer. You will want to choose the best moving company out there.That is completely normal. Everyone who is moving is looking for reliable and professional movers. Whether you are moving from Brooklyn or any other place

Packed shelves inside affordable storage units

Tips for finding affordable storage units

If you are moving to NYC you will have to transport all of your belongings here. Before you settle down you will have to find a new home or apartment.This could be a lengthy process in NYC. There is no reason why you should postpone your move for this reason.Your things can move before you

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How to get a precise moving price?

You decided to move and you don’t know where to begin. What you need to know (and you probably already do) is that you need to plan each and every step of this process. This means that you need to pay attention to your time, space and money. All of these are mixed together and

A man carrying three cardboard boxes trying to find the right moving boxes that will help him move

Choosing the right moving boxes

When you think about it, a move couldn’t be possible without the right moving boxes. However, a small number of people actually think about them as an issue, until it comes to packing itself. The things you pack inside your boxes are valuable and important for you, so you need to be careful when choosing